Friday, June 24, 2016

Do These 12 Things for a Productive and Happy Weekend

You made it to Friday night!! SO PROUD OF YOU!!!

What do you have planned? Add these little tweaks to your weekend routine and feel great!

Weekend Tips:

Drink 5 glasses of water Saturday and 6 on Sunday.

Get 2 hours of sunshine on Saturday and on Sunday.

Visit a loved one this weekend.

Ride a bike, take a walk, or go for a swim this weekend.

Clean out the pantry and plan 2 meals for the upcoming work week, and cook one healthy meal this weekend.

See friendw this weekend.
Picture by Chad R

Support the local farmers market.

Have a locally made, artesian drink or coffee.

Delete 100 emails.

Declutter and take three bags of stuff to a charity shop.

Take a nap.

Sunday- pack your lunch and set your clothes out for Monday, along with your gym bag.

What else should we add?

Book Review: Maria’s Adventurous Life

Maria Dominick, the daughter of a diplomat, has lived a glamorous life filled with international travel, love, and friendship. She speaks five languages and has been married and divorced three times. 

Currently, Dominick splits her time between her European homes and New York City. Maria’s Adventurous Life is her debut novel.

Based on a true story (with names changed to protect the fabulous!), Maria’s Adventurous Life,  by new author Maria Dominick, begins as a young Maria decides to escape her homeland to the parent-free, exciting lights of Europe.

As a beautiful Brazilian fashion model, Maria is thrilled to have fun with friends and explore love, Paris, and the world. Along the way she meets the men of her life – some of whom bring her much joy, but also great disappointments… and, occasionally, affect her confidence. 

Surrounded by wealth, celebrities, beautiful people, and glamorous places, Maria overcomes the ups and down of her affairs with the support of her family, friends, and most of all, her own courageous spirit. 

“Everything has its time in life and I did it all at the right ones,” says Dominick. “Now I am enjoying Milan, my apartment, and mostly, being a ‘Nonna’ for my gorgeous grandchildren. I hope to stay here for a long time!”

Maria’s Adventurous Life is available for purchase at Amazon.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Santa Margherita Kicks Off Summer With "She Shed" Campaign

 Eco-Sustainable Wine Brand Reaches Consumers through Social Media Program and Interactive Event 

World-renowned Italian winery, Santa Margherita, has announced the launch of its "She Shed" summer campaign. Leveraging the season's latest design and outdoor entertaining trend, Santa Margherita will share its passion for crafting premium, eco-sustainable wines, while celebrating summer's outdoor entertaining season. Fans and followers of the brand are invited to help bring the She Shed design to life, weighing in on design and décor choices via an interactive social media program. The campaign will culminate with a live unveiling, revealing the consumer-generated She Shed.

In partnership with artist and design blogger, Justina Blakeney, the She Shed program will kick off the crowd sourced design project on Santa Margherita's Facebook Page, providing summer entertaining inspiration and offering consumers an opportunity to be part of a consumer generated build of the shed. 

Throughout the summer, fans and followers will have the opportunity to vote on featured décor items for the chance to win Santa Margherita-inspired gift baskets, alongside a $5,000 grand prize for one lucky winner to create their own dream outdoor entertaining area. Capitalizing on the growing trend of adult coloring books, Blakeney and Santa Margherita will be offering unique coloring experiences throughout the campaign, as well as at the unveiling event.

The campaign will extend throughout the summer, ending with a She Shed unveiling event on August 24th at Mar Vista Art Department in Los Angeles, CA. As part of Santa Margherita's commitment to eco-sustanability, the She Shed structure will be entirely made of reclaimed wood and recycled materials and will incorporate repurposed decor throughout. 

Further, Santa Margherita has partnered with Recycle Across America (RAA), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to simplifying the act of recycling for the general public, to increase awareness surrounding various sustainability and environmental issues. The partnership includes on-site educational awareness and a silent auction at the unveiling event with proceeds benefitting RAA's educational programs.

"The launch of our She Shed campaign allows consumers a glimpse into the brand's principal values of provenance, character, and craftsmanship, and to connect with those values that enrich our consumers' own stories," said Mark Lyle, Vice President of Marketing for Santa Margherita, USA Inc. "We're thrilled that our interactive event, social media program, and committed partnerships, give us the opportunity to celebrate the outdoor entertaining season with our consumers, while showcasing Santa Margherita as the ideal, sustainable wine choice for summer."
"As my go-to wine for all things entertaining, I'm thrilled to be partnering with Santa Margherita," says Justina Blakeney, designer, founder of and author of The New Bohemians. "Together, we couldn't be more excited to bring the She Shed to life with the help of our wide audience of nature-loving, creative folks from all over the world."

For more information on the She Shed program, and to participate in the consumer-generated build and accompanying contest, please visit:  

In line with Santa Margherita's dedication to crafting one of a kind wines, the brand seeks to encourage consumers to be true to themselves and enjoy life's moments with the people they care about most. Santa Margherita is committed to making a premium, top quality wine that complements consumers' lives and enriches their stories. A wine made for who they are.
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