Thursday, October 4, 2018

Candela Mamajuana Brings You Fall in a Cocktail Glass

To celebrate fall's return, Candela Mamajuana — the first ready-to-drink premium spiced rum specialty drink from the Dominican Republic — is sharing 5 rum-my recipes to keep you toasty all season.

Named after a popular resort town in the Dominican Republic, a Punta Cana is a tropical resort escape in a glass (aka exactly what we need to get us through fall!) Mix 2 oz Candela Mamajuana with 2 oz passion fruit juice and 1 oz fresh lemon juice, then serve.

Can you handle the heat? To make a Tiguere, mix 3 oz of Candela Mamajuana with 2 oz fresh lemon juice and 1 oz jalapeƱo-infused syrup. There's no quicker way to warm yourself up than with a little kick.

Ready for some adult La Croix? Mix 2 oz Candela Mamajuana with 2 oz of prosecco and 2 oz Yuzu Liqueur (a citrus liqueur). This bubbly treat gives you a little taste of summer when you're snuggled up in your fall sweaters!

With fall inevitably comes office sicknesses. Instead of downing Vitamin C, protect yourself with kombucha. Mix 3 oz kombucha with 3 oz Candela Mamajuana for a cold cure you'll actually want to drink.


Update this classic drink for fall by substituting rum instead of whiskey, bourbon, or rye. Muddle 1 sugar cube with 2 dashes bitters. Add 2 oz Candela Mamajuana, ice, and an orange twist on the side.

Candela Mamajuana is the first ready-to-drink Mamajuana drink sold in the U.S. Based on a secret Dominican family recipe, the Mamajuana ingredients are infused with premium aged rum and sweetened with organic honey.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Avoid Acid Reflux with these Healthy Smoothies

Smoothies- is there any better way to start your day? Try these quick and easy smoothie breakfast recipes from Dr. Jamie Koufman’s latest bookAcid Reflux in Children. Not only are these healthy and nutritious, but they’re acid reflux-friendly for all ages.

Banana Ginger Energy Smoothie
Makes 2 one-cup servings / 150 calories per serving
Vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free

2 ripe bananas
1 cup fresh or frozen berries
½ cup water
½ cup crushed ice
Directions: Add ingredients to blender, and blend till smooth.

A Very Peachy Smoothie
Makes 2 one-cup servings/190 calories per serving

Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Dairy Free
2 bananas
2 ripe peaches
½ cup water
½ cup crushed ice
Directions: Add ingredients to blender, blend until smooth.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Welcome October! Hello Fall!

Saw this gorgeous pic on Pinterest, not sure who created it, but I love it. It sums up how I feel about October: crisp, sunny, bright and hopeful.

September was SUPER BUSY and such a long month, as I write this on the last day of September, I am reminded the month began with hot rainy weather and Labor Day...and seemed like eons ago. 

Now it's cool and sunny and Fall is here. I still have yet to get kayaking but the leaves haven't even started changing yet so hopefully in a few weeks a colorful paddle with be awesome. 

Work is getting busier so plenty of sleep and drinking lots of water is in order, as well as getting back in the pool to teach.

Here's to October!!