Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day- May 1- GOAL LIST

So, each month I always have a list of goals- goals that I can see and track.

Lose 5 pounds
Go to Bar Amp class
Get a full-time job and stop contracting
Get 4 new freelance clients
Run 10 miles
Go to yoga 5 times
See family weekly

Everything is always quite specific. This month, I'm getting away from specific.  I'm talking in general terms in hopes that generally speaking will make these items easier to do and make my good life great.

I tape up my goals in my dressing area in my closet.

Here goes...

May 2013 Goals

- Run More

- Eat Less

- Be happy with each day

- Be productive in each day

- Open your heart

- Be less annoyed

- Accept what is, change what isn't

engchik's May 2013 Goals- what are yours!?!?

Do you make a goal list?

What does it say?

Let me know your goals for May!

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