Friday, May 9, 2014

#500DaysofBeauty Guest Post- Sun 365 Self Tanner by Kristi

Hey everyone! Happy Spring! I've got a whole host of fun exciting summer essentials, but before those warm rays brown you bronze, get a little bit of help from self-tanners.

The problem, however is the scent, the application, the orange... how to combat this?

My friend Kristi says she has found a decent product:

"I finally found a self-tanner that no-shoot-honest-to-god DOES NOT SMELL. This is monumental, people. My legs will *not* be the color of raw chicken this summer!!"

Plus, after Kristi had it on for a few hours, she said: 
"Ok, now that it has bonded with my skin for a bit I am catching a hint of self-tanner smell. However, it is very faint/tolerable and the color is perfect and has not collected/made dark spots on rough areas.
If you're a fair to medium-skinned gal, this is for you."

There you have it folks- from a lady who has decreed it shall work!

Additional Note: 6 hours later, Kristi did detect the Self Tanner Smell, but it still had great coverage! So during the application process there isn't a smell, which is a bonus!

Have you tried it? What do you think? What kinds of self-tanners do you swear by?

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