Saturday, November 15, 2014

#500DaysOfBeauty Day 31- Le Rêve Spa

I recently discovered a wee gem set in the heart of Philadelphia, in the Rittenhouse area on 17thstreet. As you know, dear readers, this blog is all things beauty, all products, all pampering. When a friend mentioned this place I wanted to try it out. I love all things that pamper me!

Le Rêve Spa has all the typical spa elements, plus a Himalayan salt bed, deluxe décor, and pampering products. Waxing, nails, massage, makeup, Botox (and more), couples relaxation massages, aromatherapy treatments, bridal spa parties, steam showers and so much more. I was booked for a waxing and massage- and that time was too short.


Owner Sophia Brodsky, from the Ukraine and into all things spa, has opened her dream facility and ready to pamper all ye who enter these crystal and wood hallways.

First, we began the waxing procedures in the comfy wax room. I was given a choice of soft warm wax with a cloth strip (and pulled) which I what I am used too. Or, I could try the hard wax- a melty wax that quickly hardens and is solid enough to pull and remove the hair. I opted for the hard wax for my bikini area and…my underarms!

I am a 14 year veteran of bikini waxes- I will never shave again ever- but I have never waxed my dainty armpits. I don’t have a lot of hair, which can be a problem shaving. There are fine hairs in hard to reach spots and I figured waxing it off would handle it. And I wouldn’t have to worry about shaving for some time!

My beauty therapist, Nagi, first did the bikini wax using the hard wax- the usual oh! Moment but def hurt less than traditional soft hot wax & strip. I had to wait a bit (a few minutes) for the wax to harden as opposed to spreading the hot wax then placing the strip and yanking- this process takes longer but doesn’t hurt as much.


Then we moved upwards to my underarms. Nagi said I had cute little underarms and not much hair so it would not take long. I wanted to try this treatment because I seem to miss spots and have to resort to dry-shaving in the mirror.


She spread on the wax, waited, and pulled. It didn’t even hurt! (guess I had numbed them with all my previous dry-shaving lol). I was pretty pleased with the entire process- I won’t be shaving my underarms anymore. Like my bikini line, waxing it is!


After this, Nagi brought me some water and I changed into a soft robe and slippers and was lead into another treatment room. Soft lightening and the scent of lavender filled the air. I got onto the massage table and Nagi began working on my back.


I wish I could tell you how the entire body massage was, but I had drifted off somewhere in the middle. I wasn’t paying much attention, only on how fantastic this massage was. I was so relaxed, so comfortable, that I just zoned out. I would awake every so often, but I would float away again.


When my therapist finished her massage, I was blissed out. All my muscles felt great and I felt like all the knots were worked out. After the massage, I was reminded to drinks lots of water to get the toxins out. She was very professional. I tend to carry a lot of stress in my hands and lower back (sitting and writing all day!), and she worked on those problem areas.


Out the door I went, and I wasn’t even stressed out by traffic on 76. That’s how relaxed I was!


So treat yourself or someone you love to a day at Le Rêve Spa in Rittenhouse. Prices are good, atmosphere is nice, and you’ll feel so much better. It was a nice respite from a crazy week!


Le Rêve Rittenhouse Spa

Medical Tower

255 S 17th Street

4th Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19103

(215) 563-8888 - Spa

(215) 790-4444 - Medical Spa Services


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