Tuesday, April 14, 2015

T minus 3 Days...

I'm getting married in three days! it's pretty astounding. I went from dating guys I tried to love who certainly didn't care much about me to finding an old boyfriend on FB from 11 years ago and who had moved away...and the rest, as they say, is history.

We went on a couple dates, the chemistry was still there, and after 6 months of dating, he proposed.

It's been amazing- the way we feel about each other is awesome, we are friends and companions and lovers and it is just great!

Planning the wedding has been a struggle, but in the end, I know who my true friends are and those who are truly happy for me! I am always generous and thinking about others and it's been kind of wild with the focus on me, and people are happy to help and be there for me!

We are having our reception at the Hilton of Valley Forge in King of Prussia, and DUCA Studios is photographing and documenting our day. KING Limos is transporting us, and I got my dress at the fabulous David's Bridal and Stephanie's Bridal! Our wedding favors are thanks to Station Bistro Chocolate Creator, Nancy Dill Miller.

 Just about everything is done except the favors, the flowers, and my nails...we still have three days!

And I love Stephen, and marrying him is gonna be awesome!

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