Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 Resolutions & January Goals

Happy 2016! How was it? I had a fabulous NYE with friends and family and now having a lazy weekend before jumping back into full-tilt work.

Another thing I've done since 2012 is a Happiness Achieved jar, a cool glass vessel with a funky notepad and pen nearby. I write down and pop in the jar all the great things that happen then put the squares away on the 31st. Got a new job! Got married! Had a wonderful honeymoon! Free coffee! Relaxed w the pets! Etc. 

I'm redoing my vision board. Last time I did it was 2009 so I'm updating the goals. 

I my friend Jen and I started off the board with ' I'm so happy and grateful now that I...'

I think it helps to say things in the past tense as opposed to I will eat better.... To I'm happy I eat well. 

For January, I will learn how to make a cheesecake

I'll declutter 

I'll save money

Eat no fast food or wawa sandwiches

Buy less cafe food, bring lunches more often

I'll eat cleaner and make more fresh food

I make better food choices 

I'll pay down the credit card

I don't skip the gym.

Renew our passports.

For the year, I aim to travel somewhere different w S each month. The Mutter museum, a new BnB, Gettysburg, Sanibel Island, Vegas, etc 

What are your goals? 

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