Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy February 1st!


So glad we have ushered in February 2016. February is usually a hard month, but I feel Jan was rough! 

I was over budget, didn't pay down my debts, and way too many people passed away!

I did get to the gym a teensy bit more and I did eat a teensy bit better.

But, I have high hopes for this month of FEBRUARY! 
Many birthdays to celebrate, lots of awesome ppl to hang with, books to read and movies to see and new clients to work with!

  • Getting back to the gym has been difficult. So I am aiming for 2x a week. 
  • Less takeout and cooking 3x a week, and that includes leftovers for lunches.
  • Getting a cafe lunch 2x a week only.
  • Paying down the Target credit card. 
  • See more family.
  • Hug Stephen more. 
  • February Trip: Stephen and I are headed to the shore to celebrate Valentine's day and his birthday. 
  • Blog more often.
  • Stay positive and calm.

What are your goals?

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