Friday, October 14, 2016

Cookie Cakes to Sweeten the Election

Most people would agree that this week's Presidential Debate only made the American political atmosphere more bitter. 

Given the unsavory election process that continues to affect the nation, GourmetGiftBaskets.coma popular food gift e-retailer, has decided to sweeten the deal for the electorate with its own Presidential Cookie Cake Campaign.

The company has designed original caricatures of the candidates on huge sugar cookie cakes. These can be fun gifts or treats at debate-watching or other election-related rallies and parties.

Beyond sweetening the proceedings, the company is inviting all Americans to voice their choice at its own election-predicting has recruited companies in all 50 states to host its own Electoral College, as well. 

Ultimately, the New Hampshire company is hoping to accurately predict the winner a week early on Nov. 1.

This more “tasteful” election, which includes the company’s own versions of the Electoral College and the popular vote, invites members of the public to voice their choice among a new line of original Presidential Cookie Cakes. Each 10-inch sugar cookie cake features its own frosting caricature of Democrat Hillary Clinton, Republican Donald Trump or Libertarian Gary Johnson. 

“Many Americans don’t know what they’ll ultimately do on election day,” said Jason Bergeron, Vice President of Sales and Marketing “That’s why we’re hoping to offer weary voters a fun distraction, making their experience sweeter as they brace themselves for Election Day on November 8th.”

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