Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Brazi Bites are the Perfect Game Day or After-School Snack

Have you tried Brazi Bites? These little bites of fun are super fantastic!

Brazilian Cheese Bread is a fabulous appetizer, after-parties, or weekend snacks- but also quite versatile when it comes to serving up other delicious dishes.

A family recipe has found it's way onto my dinner table, and I'm thrilled! Pop these Zesty Pepper Jack cheese bread bites into the oven on the day of the big game! 

They are sure to become fan favorites and gone in no time! Brazi Bites uses the perfect blend of only the finest, hand-picked ingredients – like fresh cheese, eggs and milk – with absolutely nothing artificial.

And because it uses tapioca flour, it’s naturally gluten-free. Just 20 minutes in the oven creates delicious Brazi Bites, crispy outside, fluffy inside and delightful enjoyed hot! 

Choose from 4 savory flavors, including Cheddar Parmesan, Garlic, Asiago, Zesty Pepper Jack, and 3 Cheese Pizza.

I love cheese. I love bread.
Put them together and you have glorious Brazi Bites!

From Brazil, to Shark Tank, to your dinner table, Brazi Bites are the perfect addition to any meal!

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