Monday, June 12, 2017

The Future of Wellness is Super Cold

In my blog travels, I’m always on the lookout for the latest trends, hot spot, fun food, hit book, or awesome home décor. I was on FaceBook recently and my friend Doug was checking in to a place in Avalon, New Jersey called Orange Cryo Wellness. There are locations in Conshohoken and Northern Liberties, too.

Since I was headed to the island, I decided to try it out, and Bar, who is running the shop and Courtney, who also works there, they helped me understand the science of Cryo Wellness.

Watch me explain Cryo!

I had been hanging out and sunning myself on the beach since finally warm weather arrived, and when it came time for my appointment- I got nervous. Go into a freezing cold tank of ..what exactly?

The treatment boasts better sleep, tighter, firmer skin, anti-aging benefits, easier recovery from injuries and hangover, and burns hundreds of calories per 3 minute session.

Athletes use this therapy for recovering sore muscles, and a lot like an ice pack- but this is whole body dry, cold air.

In the warm tones of the shop on Dune Drive, a few blocks from the beach, Orange Cryo’s manager Barb showed me the tank, and I began to strip down and suit up- you must be completely dry, and hope into your waffle-weave robe, then put on socks and Crocs to protect my feet.

I was pretty nervous, but Barb and Courtney explained it well, and Courtney got in to show me how it’s done. She was shaking with cold, but then it was over and she felt great!

In I go- I'm freezing!

The Orange Cryo Wellness was born from Whole Body Cryo Therapy, which was first invented in Japan by Dr. Yamaguchi in 1978 to reduce pain and inflammation in his rheumatoid arthritis patients. In the following two decades, the technology was further developed in Europe while medical research supported the healing impact of the cryo treatment on our endocrine, immune and nervous systems.

How does it work:
Stepping into an open-topped cryosauna, for no longer than 3 minutes, your body is briefly exposed with extremely cold air, with temperatures as low as -256 F. When I stepped in to the open top chamber, I closed the door then handed out my robe, and Barb handed in my clothes.
And yep- I was only wearing gloves, socks and Crocs. Then then the cool air started, then I got cold.

But I stress it was a dry cold- not like jumping into a cold pool or a wintry day. This air circulated and after- I felt energized!  It was a fast two minutes at only negative 120 (in the video I say it was 120 degrees, it was NEGATIVE degrees!). I tried to fidget a bit and talk to Barb to take my mind off it.


And then it was over! All day I felt really energized even when I was back on the beach. I started to get tired on my drive back to Philly, and I did sleep well that night!

This was a cool experience, and one I would try again. I was nervous but i got over that fast once I got in the chamber. And I must stress cryo therapy is for healthy, sober individuals. Please see a doctor if you are ill, and remember cryo therapy is to enhance your health, not cure any illness or disease. Check with your health provider if you are unsure.

Packages start at $25 up to monthly memberships and also just for facials. The cold is very theraputic for hangovers, detox, sore muscles, and tiredness.

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