Friday, January 22, 2010

22 Days In

Feeling good today- Swam this morning, ran the other night. It hurt, but I am welcoming it. The pool felt good today- I just let the warm water rush over my muscles and that felt nice, plus a few mins in the hot tub. Tonight I'll do power yoga.

While at the Y, I spoke to an older gent in the hot tub (everyone in here always ends up chatting) and I told him I have been trying to be healthier and working out more, and he seemed surprised. When I asked why, he told me he used to work out a lot, and working out so much is kind of a waste, and aren't there so many more things I could do instead of working out for two hours.

Well, since I am a writer and spend so much time sitting with the computer on my lap and the TV on, um, NO. There aren't really too many other things I could be doing. Watching tv- no. Reading or sleeping? I do enough of that. I need to understand that to be healthier, doing a couple laps or walking for an hour isn't going to make me lose weight and get fit.

Making better meals, seeing my friends and family, taking my grandmom to church couple times a month, and stretching a bit outside my comfort zone- THAT is what's going to be good. So working out an extra hour each day- yeah, I think I can handle that and that there AREN'T many other things I want to do, b/c it usually equals SEDENTARY! More workouts also equals better sleep, and oddly enough, less of it. I am up after 8 hours and ready to take on the day! I also joined a group that discusses workouts and healthy eating.

Off to finish editing and reviewing a few press items, then to yoga! And then to see a friend!

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