Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh Nuts!

So i had a great two days off- great weekend with family friends, took my grandmom to church, worked, worked out, slept, all the good things a day or two off should have. Sunday and Monday was my weekend, so I slept in a bit on Mondays, did work all day, cleaned, then Jen came over so we could work on our vision boards- what we want for the future. Had a great dinner, and then as I clean up the dinner table, I pick up a piece of bread and bite into it. CRREE-EEAAACK! goes this sound in my mouth. I spit out my veneer into my hand!!! My front veneer broke off my tooth!
after the initial panic passed, i made an appt for this morning, i am freaking- it will prob cost me what i've made so far this year, but oh well- my smile is my investment in myself!!

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