Friday, August 13, 2010


My summer has been pretty fantastic so far.

Anytime I am not working, I am down the shore. I work in the mornings, as I got a gig w a writing service, as well as writing for a local paper.

I spend my afternoons on the beach, then I go and get lunch or dinner at my friend's deli.
At night friends and I go out to the local bar and dance our heads off. I am having a great time!

I lost some weight, am really tan and still job hunting, altho I got some good gigs right now. I ride my bike around the island and walk a lot. I'm also trying to eat more veggie, with soy cheese and less dairy and no meat (try walking into a deli and asking for soy cheese. A withering stare is usually received...)

The other night I made diakon (a kind of radish), onion, garlic, mushrooms and shrimp in a coconut curry broth over wild rice. serious yum (altho high sodium)

Today- finishing some articles, cleaning, baking some cookies and seeing wonderful friends out! I am so blessed and lucky to have the awesome friends I have. They are the best!

I hope everyone else's summer is going great!

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