Tuesday, December 18, 2012

marTini Tuesday: The Knockout from Sullivan's Steakhouse

As we are more embroiled in the holiday season, it surely is the festive time to imbibe a bit more.

 This week we are discussing one of my all-time top favorite 3 martinis- The Knockout from Sullivan’s Steakhouse. There are several locations in the US, but I like to frequent the King of Prussia location.


This is Sullivan’s signature martini and it rocks. "The Knockout" is created from Smirnoff Orange Vodka infused with Hawaiian Gold pineapple and with an added orange twist.

One thing I noticed with these- this martini will indeed ‘Knock You Out’ unless you pace yourself. Once I had two of these in a row….whooooo!


Sullivan’s steeps the pineapple in the vodka, and then adds a bit of real pineapple juice. I quite enjoy the first foamy sip - it is a wonderful blend of the pineapple and a teeny bite of the vodka. It’s sweet but not sugary so, it’s really refreshing.

This is a good drink to try with your steak or your oysters, not overpowering or deemed ‘girlie’ it will please the palate and ‘knockout’ your stress!

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