Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Top 10 Things You Need for the Holidays (For Yourself and As Presents)

10. Wine for All
If all else fails, buy drink and to gift. Cupcake Vineyards is home to my favorite wine of all time: Sauvignon Blanc. A clean mouth feel wine that pairs well with just about anything, but moreso shrimp and other seafoods, this wine hails from Marlborough, New Zealand. I love it so much I asked my mom to buy me a case for Christmas. I sure hope I find this under the tree! This juicy burst of fun in a glass is created from Key limes and Meyer lemons along with hints of grapefruit and gooseberry. And we'll definitely be drinking this on Christmas Eve with our shrimp and other Slovak foodstuffs.
9. Pamper Yourself!
Now I love bath products, so Mainely Cole's is no exception. This holiday season one must pamper herself! Trying out their line of soaps and scrubs was delightful! And my skin felt so smooth and wonderful! Their Cucumber Toner felt refreshing and did not leave my skin tight, a must in this cold and the harsh dry air. This whole line is organic and free of harsh chemicals. Anyone you buy this for will be soooo happy!

8. ElleLauri Dresses
I can’t say enough about this line. Liz and Laura Rymar are design geniuses. They have created some of the most elegant, fun, made in the US clothes around!! Plus, I'm not a stick, and their clothes fit all sizes and all styles. My personal fave is the
Kayleigh Skirt, along with the Celeste Cape. Wear one of these numbers on New Year’s Eve and you’ll have plenty to sparkle about! Check out my video with the lovely designers as we discuss the upcoming holiday season.

7. Family Portraits
No time to get the family together for that holiday card? Make sure you have a Canon camera. I have my eye on the EOS Rebel T3 DSLR camera?  Friends say its ease of use, it's a great camera for amateur photographers, creating sharp photos, and has amazing versatility. get everyone together and say CHEESE!
6. Staying Healthy
With all this running around, working, buying and wrapping holiday gifts, trying to find time to work out, attempting to get enough sleep, you must MUST keep yourself healthy. One of my fave sites and Twitter pals is Chelsea Krost. She always has great ideas and health info that you need to stay healthy! Another site that I love for health info and great vitamins and yummy on-the-go bars is the SkinnyGirl brand by Bethanny Frankel.  I always keep a few delicious Banana Oatmeal Dark Chocolate On the Go Bars in my desk and purse for when I need a quick meal. I also love my Jack La Lanne Power Juicer- pop in any fruit or veg and instant juice! So healthy, so yummy! You can drink it straight, or add it to a smoothie. My personal favorite mix is kale, strawberries, apples and a peeled lemon (no pith.) Cleansing and yummy- go RELAX!
5. Get a Fun Manicure to Get Yourself in the Holiday Spirit
Do something that feels good! Grab Mom, your sister, your best friend or go yourself- get a fun holiday manicure from Avalanche Salon and Spa in Trappe, PA. It looks cheery and makes others smile, and is especially uplifting for you! Or, a massage from In Touch Massage Therapy in Schwenksville, or acupuncture from Gateway Bodyworks in Phoenixville, or a facial from Glow in Phoenixville. Just do something for yourself. Take a breather, because you can't help everyone else if you aren't rested.

4. SodaStream for Yourself or Others
Several things have changed my life - DVR, the iPhone, and the SodaStream. I do not have to buy diet soda. I have a varied selection to choose from depending on my taste. I don't have to worry about recycling, because I am not buying plastic bottles in the first place. It can be as sweet as I want, or crazy carbonated - or not. And the best part- since I love to entertain- I can make several kinds of drinks and not go out of my way to buy a ton of soda for a party. Plus, the canister is recyclable.

When the CO2 canister is empty, I turn it in to Staples, and save $10 off the $25 new one! Plug it in, set the carbonation level, attach the water bottle securely. Then add your soda flavoring and you are set! The special bottle keeps my soda fresh for weeks, doesn't go flat and retains its flavor. My favorite is the diet grapefruit. There are over 60 flavorings! And, I trust this brand. There are several soda-making type machines out there…don’t do it. Go with SodaStream, for yourself or as a great holiday gift!

3. A Good Meal
Staying in on Christmas? Going out? My family is Slovak, so we make Pirohy (Think Mrs. T's Pierogi ), Oblátky (thin Communion-type wafers) with garlic and honey to remind us of the sweet and harsh sides of life, nuts, cooked peas or French beans, dried fruit, mushrooms soup, Bobalky (poppy seed, honey and dough), sauerkraut bread, shrimp and fish. We've occasionally blend a few Italian items in such as lasagna, takeout from Maggiano's Little Italy. We don't eat meat on Christmas Eve, but on Christmas Day we will have a ham and turkey. I'm a fan of making a big Christmas Day breakfast, too. While on vacation, I plan to hit up a few of my favorite local restaurants, including Creole Daddy Mim's and the Melting Pot KoP, and just enjoy a few days off.  


2. Clean Up Clean the House, or get someone to do it for you- I'd love a Dyson under the tree for me, but until then, my pal Barb is the BEST for getting your place to sparkle. I love to entertain, so this is just perfect at any time, especially the holidays.
And the Number one thing I can’t live without is friends and family around the fire for the holidays...maybe even a kiss under the mistletoe if I am lucky…anyone want to volunteer? ;) And a new job in social media or marketing for 2013!

Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year from
Engchik Eats!!!!!!
My Top 10 Things You Need for the Holidays (For Yourself and As Presents)

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