Saturday, August 13, 2016

Beauty Weekend: Essence Make Me Brow Review

Girl, your eyebrows are on FLEEK. 

These words have never left my mouth nor have they been used to describe those two lines of hair directly above my eyeballs. I have never been the type of girl who paid much attention to her brows, therefore it was super unlikely for me to praise or recognize another girl’s fantastic job of tweezing, plying, shaping, or filling them in to utter perfection.

However, I wholeheartedly believe that eyebrows can make or break a person’s look. Whether they are too thin or too bushy, too dark, too light, or barely there at all, eyebrows can make you go from zero to one hundred real quick.

It took me a long time before realizing that maybe my face would look more defined if I lightly filled in my eyebrows, but everyone knows that the first time isn’t always what you’d expect. I walked out of the house looking like I had two orangey-brown squiggly lines on my face, and that’s when I knew brows just weren’t my thing.

BUT, my mind quickly changed when I discovered tinted brow gel. The less committed I need to be to a product, the better I feel because god forbid I make a mistake, it’s easy to fix. I tried Essence Make Me Brow brow gel in “Browny Brows.” Since this color was a little dark for me, I used a very light hand at applying it, just to give my brows the right amount of coverage. I then buffed the product in using a slightly larger clean brow brush to even out the color.

The applicator is so tiny and precise that it gives you all the power when applying and doesn’t feel too bulky in your hands. The shape and color stay for hours, and the little tube it comes in makes it beyond accessible for traveling and on-the-go touch ups. 

This is one product I would seriously keep with me at all times!

Beauty Weekend Guest Post by Eliza Mantelmacher

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