Thursday, November 17, 2016

Celebrate Friendship and Fun with OAKHEART Genuine Spiced Rum

The most joyous time of the year this Thursday… and we’re NOT talking Turkey. All of your closest friends are finally back in town and it's time to raise a glass to those closest to you. 

Whether you’re playing host or picking up the supplies, OAKHEART Genuine Spiced Rum has got your back. Quick, easy, and fuss-free, a classic Oakheart & Cola – 1 ½  parts OAKHEART, 4 parts cola and all parts friendship.

Created as a toast to the closest of friends, the smooth and flavorful OAKHEART liquid is expertly crafted and aged for a minimum of one year in specially selected charred American Oak barrels to impart a hint of smokiness. 

The liquid is then shaped through a secret blend of charcoals and finished by adding a secret blend of spices delivering a smoky, robust flavor with a hint of sweet creamy butterscotch and a touch of pepper.  

Don’t waste time behind the bar this holiday season - relax!

OAKHEART Spiced Rum is available nationwide starting at $14.99. 

Oak & Cola
·         1 ½ parts OAKHEART Genuine Spiced Rum
·         4 parts Cola
·         Ice Cubes

Method: Fill a glass with ice cubes. Pour on OAKHEART Genuine Spiced Rum. Top with chilled Cola and serve.

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