Monday, June 15, 2009

34 things to do before I turn 34.

Okay- I think I’ve got them all. I had a few in here like, go to Australia / New Zealand, meet Jon Bon Jovi, be on the Apprentice, host SNL...I am not so sure those things will happen in the next 367 days!

1- Write in this blog weekly.
2- Go to Pennsic 38.
3- Get another tattoo (where and what tho...dragonfly? too cliché?)
4- Save 5K.
5- Teach journalism or a writing class.
6- Um, get a job!! A great, real, creative terrific job with benefits, decent pay and commute and that I feel my work and skills will be valued.
7- Write my Book!
8- Go on a great vacation- Vegas, Key West, Wine Country, the beach- somewhere, anywhere!
9- Become very good at yoga.
10- Get 5 more freelance clients.
11- A nice boyfriend would be nice, like Jim from the Office. Yeah, I want a Jim!
12- Take a class- pottery, wine appreciation, photography, meditation.
13- Get truly healthy and toned and lose 20 pounds.
14- Be less selfish and really listen, to become a better friend. Because while I know that the world DOES revolve around me and my brilliant, most of the time, it probably doesn't....
15- Pay off my line of credit already!
16- Go about getting my Master's degree, at least take 1 class.
17- Learn to make lobster bisque.
18- Learn to ride a motorcycle.
19- Keep a garden- plant my own tomatoes, lettuce and herbs (on a condo 2nd floor deck!)
20- Replace the kitchen counters and bathroom sink.
21- Raise over $2300 for Breast Cancer research.
22- Pray more, go to church more and become just a little more spiritual. Remember to thank God for each blessed day.
23- Be in another movie (I was an extra in 2 movies while in NYC 07)
24- Save $$$ towards a beach house.
25- Reduce my carbon footprint: Use cloth bags for all groceries, recycle, shop local more, walk and bike more.
26- Be more patient with my family.
27- Sell all my crap at the flea market (Sundays are best days!)
28- Don’t sweat the small stuff (I never did mind the little things…)
29- Truly enjoy each day and at least one thing out of each day.
30- Go to the Camden Aquarium.
31- Reconnect with old friends.
32- Utilize the library more often.
33- Cook more healthy yummy food.
34- Make someone smile each day.

Birthday is on Wednesday. How do I feel, well, I am quite surprised that the last year went by so fast.

Dated a total loser for WAY too long, despite my friends strongly-opinionated (and correct!) views of him, paid off credit cards, went to 2 Fashion Weeks (thx M!), got a new roommate, made some new friends, did a juice fast, discovered the espresso martini diet, lost one good friend (some say good riddance, but I do miss her at times), realized I am not as smart as I thought, realized people don’t care much about the past, or your past, as you do, gone to weddings and funerals and celebrated friends’ new babies, got laid off and learned how to put out a fire.

I am sure I missed a few happenings, but here is to new beginnings.

Here’s to a magical 33rd year!

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