Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Birthday...

well, i turn 33 on Wednesday june 17. i had a list of 33 things to do before i was 33 and did just a handful of them. i lived in NYC, i was in a movie, I helped someone in need, i went to church more often. not too many regrets here, except to be less lazy and use this unemployment time to figure out my life and do some things i don't usually have time for.

Some of them I'd like to have sex with a great guy. well, lets change that to find and date a really great guy that has good chemistry with me and that we can talk and have fun together. And he has to get on with my friends too. once all that is good, maybe we can bring some smex into it...

others are new experiences (sure mom, that other one was new too...)

I am going to Pennsic 38 this year, a first for me. So this will be activity that i will have completed by birthday 34, year 2010.

this comes out to almost 3 things a month, right?

As i complete each one, i have a detailed account for you!!

So Far: and these aren't in any order, just how I am thinking of them.

1- Save 5K.
2- Go to Pennsic 38
3- Get another tattoo (where and what tho...dragonfly? too cliche?)
4- Save 10K
5- Teach journalism or a writing class.
6- Um, get a job!! A great, real, creative terrific job with benefits, decent pay and commute and that i feel my work and skills will be valued.
7- Write my Book!
8- Go on a great vacation- Vegas, New Zealand, Wine Country - somewhere!
9- Become very good at yoga.
10- Get 10 more freelance clients.
11- A nice boyfriend would be nice.
12- Take a class- pottery, wine appreciation, photography, meditation.
13- Get truly healthy and toned and lose 20 pounds.
14- Be less selfish and really listen, to become a better friend. Because while I know that the world DOES revolve around me and my brilliant, most of the time, it probably doesn't....
15- Pay off my line of credit already!
16- Go about getting my Master's degree, at least take 1 class.
17- Learn to make lobster bisque.
18- Learn to ride a motorcycle.
19- Keep a garden- plant my own tomatoes, lettuce and herbs (on a condo 2nd floor deck!)
20- Replace the kitchen counters and bathroom sink.
21- Raise over $2300 for Breast Cancer research.
22- Fit back into my leather pants and red satin steel-boned corset.
23- Be in another movie ( I was an extra in 2 movies while in NYC in 07)
24- Save $$$ towards a beach house.
25- Truly use cloth bags for all groceries, and shop local more.

so i need 9 more.....

hmm..what else? help me out here people!

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