Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Several things...

1- i sold two things from fashion week (that I'll never use) on ebay and made about $40.

2- tuesday was national "let it go day' so- i emailed some old friends to reconnect. (also on my list!)

3- My 1st article is up on, and the other one should be up tomorrow. Plus, I'll be doing 3 articles a week, including my newest column is based on places out here in the burbs.

4- I spent the day in Media today, I am working with Sprout Yoga doing their PR and also their Open House on July 11. Sprout deals with rape and PTSD victims..heavy stuff.

5- Also found so many cute boutiques in Media to cover! (i also found way cute seahorse plaques for the bathroom,...i had some BD money to i treated myself! (the rest went in the bank))

6- (except for the $$ i am using on a massage later today!)

7- I applied to 50 jobs last night.

8- Pilates hurts my a good way!!!

9- I'm very blessed.

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