Monday, August 12, 2013

Engchik Eats...healthy?? REALLY!!!!

So, im trying to eat better because i dont feel that great anymore, i know im eating too many carbs, and writing about it on my blog keeps me accountable to my readers who follow along to see my successes and failures!

started off good today- S brought me wawa coffee in bed w a splash of milk, awesome. im not that hungry. until i walked downstairs to his kitchen with some farmers' market goodies. how'd i miss the the pumpkin whoopie pies!??!!?

so i took 2, for later.

and ate one on the way home. BUT NOT HELPFUL!

S walks his dog a lot, so 

this is the kind of thing i need to learn to give up, or at least don't start my day with!

serious pumpkiny yum. i also stopped by PJ and got three dozen eggs, which will drastically help in the cutting of the carbs. quiches, crockpot egg casserole, all good things!

BUT- i dumped out the last of the diet coke, finished my coffee and am drinking water, and lunch is going to be homemade chicken salad!

AND signed up for the November Zombie Run!!!

Okay- i just went food shopping at Wegmans and i did not buy one carb! bought pork, chicken, veggies and some greyure for flavoring.

And when i say i am trying to cut carbs, i dont mean like, oh ketchup has carbs, cant eat it, i mean hey engchik, dont eat perogies for lunch, rice for dinner and snack on pretzel rods!

okay, so now that i have written this, you all have read it...kinda makes me accountable huh?


also today I ate/drank:

skinnygirl blueberry lemonade
water and more water
went to the movies, had small popcorn and water
homemade meatloaf for dinner
skinnycow ice cream sandwich bar

So, the small changes I made today was a small popcorn w water, not a large one w diet coke
made chicken salad for lunch w a drink that i made, not picking up Qdoba or something.

Just stuck my meatloaf in the oven, first ever! side note:
to pay attention to labels like many of my friends told me. the recipe calls for BBQ sauce, cool, i got some honey sauce from kraft. first ingredient... HFCS! that high fructose stuff is bad. i did only mix in two teaspoons but still.  im going to be ever mindful!!

I am also making a crockpot egg scramble!

Stay tuned folks, i hope to have better news to report in a week! Like I'm down a pound or so!

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