Thursday, August 15, 2013

still not making the right choices

So I am doing this b/c for most of July I feel as if I've had a stomach bug. I feel as if i am not eating the right foods or getting enough nutrition, or working out enough. Working from home/job hunting means I'm just noshing on what is in the house!

...and what i have in the house isn't great. Luckily I shopped at Wegman's yesterday and bought a ton of protein, eggs, pork, chicken, lean beef.  Looks like I need to spend a bit more money and a bit more time on preparing decent meals.

So, day four. Yesterday I had a lot of fiber, and a cheese sandwich, so now, whaddya think is happening?! I'd really like to eat without having immediate icky results. Something is going on, so obviously had too much to eat yesterday and too much of the wrong stuff.

Today, no fiber bars, no cheese, no wheat (i ate honey nut cheerios for breakfast and I'm sorry).

I guess the only way to feeling better and losing weight is trying out various foods and diets and see what works!

i got a massage the other day and i usually would stop at Wendys on the way home. i wanted fries and a frosty! but, i didn't, i went a different way home and ooh me i was so proud of myself!!

Soooo, yesterday my fella took me to get a pedicure and then i had a coupon for Qdoba, buy one get one. He wasn't hungry, so I got chicken quesadilla on whole wheat and the nachos w groundbeef and black beans (sure, im healthy, right?) right!?

it tasted ok. and i am sorry today.

will i never learn?

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