Thursday, August 6, 2015

MealEnders: A Sweet Little Something to Curb Overeating

You all know the feeling…You’ve just eaten a delicious meal and you totally want more…

…You are at work and you ate your healthy lunch but it’s your boss’s birthday and the team brought in cupcakes…

What is a person to do? Many people turn to mints or glug water or coffee in an effort to stave off that ‘I want more’ feeling and many of the time, your good intentions don’t last.

Enter MealEnders!

These signaling lozenges actually dismiss the desire to eat more than needed! They have no drugs or chemicals or stimulants, and work on sensory science and behavioral psychology. It's all in the tingling!

We all want something sweet after a meal, but don’t want to overeat. And you may not always want to pop a mint just yet. MealEnders are double layered- first with a sweet ‘reward’ layer, and then a cooling inner core which cleanses the palate. 

The key is to suck on the lozenge, don’t bite it. The time it takes to dissolve- for up to 20 minutes it takes for the full experience to subside, thusly signaling to your brain you are full and done your meal. MealEnders help you with portion control and recognizing your body’s own full signals, and empower a sense of control.

They come in four flavors: Chocolate Mint, Cinnamon, Mocha, and Citrus.
They are also FDA approved, have only 15 calories, and are kosher and gluten-free.
The other layer of chocolate, or cinnamon or the other flavors tastes quite good, almost like a melty M&M, and the inside slowly begins to cool your mouth over 10 minutes.

I've tried MealEnders at work after lunch, in the middle of the day before dinner, and after dinner when ice cream is just screaming my name. I, by no means, deprive myself, but it's good to curb the desire to overeat when I'm nearing fullness. And you aren't ingesting chemicals or diet pills, nor are you eating somethign that doesn't taste good.

Buy today at or find out where to buy near you. Or order here!

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