Monday, August 17, 2015

Sound Sensation Will Help Make Your Big Day Sensational!

Recently I’ve been to several wedding receptions—too many—in which the DJ was either too loud, too involved, or not involved enough in the festivities, thus making the evening less than spectacular for the guests. 

Thank goodness, Sound Sensation DJs, and its proprietor Frank Raffa, breaks this trend. Sound Sensation takes the time to listen to the bride and groom and plan ahead for a fantastic evening. They move the party along at a brisk but reasonable pace, allowing for special requests and mini-events within the reception. 

Sound Sensation employs a sophisticated online party planning system that allows for the scheduling of toasts, dances, and more, aligning them with specific songs. It also allows you to request as much music as you like, and if it’s out there, Frank and his team will find it and play it. It makes planning a breeze. A week or so before your event, Sound Sensation will meet with you, ensuring that your reception goes off without a hitch. 

For instance, I planned to sing a song to my beautiful bride, Christine, about halfway through the reception. It required my use of the DJ’s PA system, and we needed to mic my brother’s acoustic guitar for the accompaniment. No problem! Frank mic’ed the guitar flawlessly, and the song went over beautifully. 

Frank was able to move the party along at an excellent pace while still allowing the guests to relax and have a wonderful time. There was plenty of dancing, and Frank played some of my favorite folk-rock tunes as well as some popular line-dances and modern dance music. 

We decided against having some of the more traditional elements at our reception, like the bouquet toss and garter throw. Instead, Frank suggested an Anniversary Dance, in which all the married couples came out to the dance floor, and one by one sat down until only the couple married for the longest time was left. It was a poignant moment and an excellent substitute. 

In short, I’d recommend Sound Sensation for your wedding reception, party, bar or bat mitzvah, or any event, heartily and without reservation. They’re experienced, service-oriented, and reasonably priced, and sure to make your event truly “sensational.”

Written by my husband, Stephen M Trimble
PS- Today is our wedding anniversary of 4 months!

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