Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Wedding Advice Checklist

Well, Steve and I have been married for about 4 1/2 months now, and it's been pretty great! A lot of good friends got married this year (I'm looking at you Tonya, Amy, and Emily!) and we all had little things we learned throughout the day!

I'm never going thru all that ever again, even though it was a fantastic day, and so here is my wedding advice to new brides-to-be!

My Wedding Reception Checklist:

-Drink a Gatorade at the reception and eat a banana before bed to ward off crippling Charlie horses that make you wake up in terror the next morning. 

- Def have the makeup artists and hair stylists come to your house, relaxing and saves time, and special thanks to S and E!!

- Hold on to your Dadu, it's a special day for him too!

- Eat! Don't get drunk! ( I think I drank maybe 2 drinks) and I somehow had NO coffee all day!! Ppl kept coming up to me while I had dinner but I ate most of my delicious dinner.

- But drink water!!!!

-Don't get shanghaied by old ladies at the reception. This one lady kept commanding me to sit bc she had a picture she wanted to show me. When I went back to her table a second time, she sniffed, you sit down now. When I was called away again she goes you keep leaving! And I'm like yeah. I'm busy, I've got 178 guests to see. Later, she proceeded to show me a pic of ppl who didn't come to the reception. I was like, yeah ok? The next morning she loudly proclaimed I should be in the kitchen cooking for us bc my mommy isn't going to do it for me, I'm married now and have to cook and clean. 

- Surround yourself with positive happy people who want the best for you.
I didn't want to believe it, but there will always be people who feel the need to impart their jealousies to others about you. And forget them. Your wedding day is about you- not about others' petty feelings. If they love you, they will be there for you, and talk things out if needed. 

- White yoga pants under your dress feel awesome. (Bc I love my yoga pants, and you can too)they were like bloomers!!

- A limo is not a necessity. 

- Enjoy the hell out of your day!

-Have your reception at a hotel if possible.
Our wedding was on a Friday. We all stayed over at the awesome wonderful Hilton Valley Forge in King of Prussia on 202 where we had the BEST RECEPTION EVER! 200 people had the times of their lives! It was glorious just going right upstairs to relax and change, then we all hung out in the bar downstairs.

Then, we all woke up and enjoyed a breakfast buffet that my parents had included for all our guests. After that us newlyweds checked out, went home, took a nap, then relaxed and had Thai food and champagne. 

On Sunday, my parents hosted a picnic at their house and many of the guests came over and we hung out and grilled and relaxed with family and friends.

- Plan to leave on your honeymoon a few days later! 
We left on Monday, so we had the whole weekend to relax, rehydrate and see visitors and friends. We flew to Orlando on Monday afternoon and arrived in time for a fabulous lobster dinner out after checking into our timeshare at the Hilton tuscany Resort...and then onto Harry Potter World at Universal! 

Honeymoons are glorious.
I suggest you all have one!

Thanks again everyone who was a part of our wedding day!!! Stephen and I thank you and love you!!

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Logan Cantrell said...

Leaving a couple of days later for your honeymoon is a great idea! We did that and it was so nice to have a couple of days to recoup!