Sunday, November 29, 2015

Book Review: Once Upon a Zombie (Book 1)

Oh my gosh how I loved this book. I wanted to jump inside with these fierce fighting fairy tale zombie chicks and kick ass. This book is a delightful blend of contemporary zombie fiction meets traditional childhood fairy tales, plus an awesome dose of girl power thrown in. 

Via social media, all over the world strange sightings of zombies and other supernatural phenomena has been occurring within graveyards. What does it mean?

In Billy Phillips' new series Once Upon a Zombie, something mysterious has happened to the classic characters of our beloved fairytales. An awful curse has been cast into the traditional fantasy worlds, transforming Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Cinderella into the undead who, despite their urges, valiantly refuse to give in to their zombie instincts.

Caitlin Fletcher, who has some odd tie to this phenomena, along with her younger sister, will search through London and end up falling into the proverbial rabbit hole to a world they never knew existed, plus discovering some truths about their past and the mother that unexplainably disappeared.

Caitlin lets fear and anxiety rule most of her life- she feels that if she makes as little ripple as possible, more awful things won't happen to her,

Disappear into the world of the undead and see how your traditional fairy tales comes alive…with a vengeance.

"This is a zombie book that is also not a zombie book," Billy Phillips, President and CEO of Toon Studio Licensing explains. "The 'zombie' is a metaphor for the incessant impulses associated with fear. If fear, anxiety and selfishness blindly controls our lives, we are mindless, a slave to these rash impulses and negative thoughts."
Phillips has used positive energy to take control again.

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* Review copy furnished via Smith Publicity.

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