Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Maple: Cooking and Infusing Food with Pure Syrup

Maple syrup conjures great images of people sitting down to eat fluffy pancakes with maple syrup spilling over the sides, in a kitchen in New England. 

Healthy Seasonal Recipes blogger Katie Webster’s debut cookbook Maple: 100 Sweet and Savory Recipes Featuring Pure Maple Syrup (Quirk Books; $22.95) offers a new view of this sweet sap!

This sweet cookbook debuts 100 recipes infusing everyday foods with pure maple syrup, transforming regular foods to a delicious treat. 

Katie knows maple syrup- she and her family live among maple trees, which they tap every spring to make their own maple syrup.

In addition to infused breakfast syrups and decadent desserts, Webster's delicious cookbook offers recipes for gorgeous main courses like Miso Roasted Tofu and Maple Ginger Chicken Thighs, and appetizers, soups, and sides like Maple Glazed Carrots and Sap Baked Beans. 

Maple also highlights maple syrup as a natural sweetener, and includes Paleo, vegan, gluten-free options. This book is the perfect book to have in the kitchen, and is great reading besides!

* Book has been provided for review purposes. Thank you!

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