Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holidays Return at the Mansion at Mount Hope

Celebrate the holidays with the patrons of the Mansion at Mount Hope! This year's shows include A Christmas Carol and The Adventures of the Blue Carbuncle, and were wonderfully acted, with lots of audience participation. The Holidays at Mount Hope are a perfect way to celebrate the holidays!

I dearly love watching Scrooge flounder his way through his past and present and he goes about his way to fix things in his life- this story always warms my heart.

The Mansion is always a Victorian dream, beautifully decorated and welcoming. Watch these two great shows in the Chapel or in the Ballroom, with a lovely intermission in between with warm drinks, some nibbles, and mingling with the extremely cheerful cast, Ah, I mean the Mr and Mrs Fezziwig and their guests and families.

After the last performance, the cast waved us off to the Wine Shoppe where we sampled fine local wine and got some Christmas shopping done. 

Beforehand, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Anchor and Mermaid Tavern, with soup, salad, crab cakes and dessert.

Purchase your tickets before they are gone! http://www.parenfaire.com/buytickets/index.php

Pictures courtesy of Mount Hope, used with permission. 

Special thanks to Candace Smith
Director of Sales & Communications
Mount Hope Estate & Winery
Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.

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