Friday, December 11, 2015

Blog Tour Book Review: Blue Eel

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"Horror has never been more popular," Author Lorne Dixon explains. "Soccer moms watch The Walking Dead, listen to Rob Zombie and buy tickets to see The Conjuring. The time is ripe for new voices, new ideas and new stories."

Branson Turaco is fighting demons- every day. Accused of killing his only daughter, he knows her disappearance is connected to a much greater plan. 
Day to day living is terrible, with outrageous media stories plaguing him constantly in his small town, Branson knows he must find his daughter or end his own miserable life. 

With the help of his library assistant and a recluse filmmaker, he sets out to find the truth. Confronted at most turns, he is watched and pursued by a group of people who do the will of the blue eel, and use it's strange excretions to see the future in violent hallucinations and an angry sub-human cult world of their own aboard a ocean-rigged boat structure.

Everyone he meets is terrifying in their own way, and desperately in need of life sustenance. This book blends science fiction, true crime, horror, and the paranormal along with the quintessential mystery novel and a touch of sex and romance, taking its readers on a twisty scary improbable journey for one thing- where is Madeline. Branson knows he can find her and save her. 

Blue Eel messes with your head. I had to go back and reread several chapters to understand. It makes the world and all parts of it- the ocean, the dessert, cities- scary places. No one can hide from the cult or the cops, especially if the fear is in your own head.

This book touches on rough subjects, children, abuse, pain, torture, drugs, and more, but it cracks the human heart and mind wide open to where to the true monster each of us.

*Sample copy furnished for review.

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