Monday, December 7, 2015

If Not 4 U and Some Shoes Book Review

Francie Lanoo- a young adult on the adventure of a lifetime for love, challenges, and the perfect pair of shoes.

This book was a delightful journey of protagonist Francie from high school to adulthood, and while this book had many opportunities to slide into the world of YA and OMG shoes- and it does not. 
Francie travels the world, educates herself, loves and loses and is still searching for the perfect pair of shoes that are functional, practical, beautiful, and unique- just like her.

Another thing I loved about this coming of age story is that Francie has shoes for each stage of her life- ones that serve her well and serve her dramatic gestures or tragic moments. Plus, who doesn’t get nostalgic about the 90s?!

This book proves girl power is alive and well and that you can have a brain, fall in love a few times- and boy does she, but we all know she is searching for her true love- and find your bliss in life.

Francie’s ongoing shoe hunt eventually morphs into something soul-searching and metaphoric, leading her to realize that by stepping out of her comfort zone, she opens herself up to a world of endless possibilities in life, love and fashion.

If Not 4 U and Some Shoes is by Laurie Nenson. Find it on Facebook!

* Sample book copy provided for review.

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