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Engchik Eats Food Guide to the Hectic Holidays

Trying to pull together holiday shopping, family, travel, and work- try these items for a smoother day during this crazy holiday season! Relax for just a minute.

Cook with Tava Ghee and your dinner will never be the same! Ghee, also known as “purified butter” is an iconic food staple with a history as rich as its taste. With origins in ancient India, it’s used extensively in eastern cooking to promote health. It increases the metabolism, improves digestion, and is a natural source of pure vitamins. It also lowers cholesterol. 
Tava Ghee – made from the milk of 100% grass-fed cows. With flavors like White Truffle, Brown Butter Sage, Himalayan Salt, Green Chili, and Vanilla Bean, cooking and healthy eating is within reach. It's amazing to cook with!

On the Go: With Flex Flavors by Devotion Nutrition, you can turn any food or drink into your favorite food and drink! With nothing of its kind available on the market until now, Flex Flavors are available in Strawberry Fields, Razzmatazz, Bananas Fosters, Fruity Hoops, Coconut Biscotti, Creme Brûlée, Blueberry Sky, Lemon Meringue, Peanut Butter Crunch, and Pumpkin Spice, Flex Flavors are not only delectable, but also calorie-free and sugar-free. And these are YUMMY!

Plus, try Devotion Protein, available in Brownie Batter (22g protein) and Angel Food Cake (20g protein), is perfectly designed to be the most versatile and best-tasting protein available. Having a blend of 6 digestive enzymes to prevent bloating and gas and to help the body absorb the protein plus having 1g of healthy MCT’s per serving, Devotion Protein sets itself above the competition. 
Shake your Brownie Batter or Angel Food Cake into a shake with a shaker bottle, blend into a thick shake, or fluff into a protein soft serve ice cream. With its versatility, Devotion Protein stays moist and bakes beautifully into protein pancakes, waffles, loaves and so much more. Gluten-free and with an 80/20 blend of whey isolate and micellar casein, Devotion Protein comes in original formula as well as a Stevia version.  This product is helping me make better choices with cleaner eating and adding fabulous flavor to water and smoothies.

noosa yoghurt is perfect - full of protein and with several delicious natural flavors, noosa yoghurt is excellent for a quick breakfast or lunch and is all natural- from happy cows never treated with rBGH, and from cultures and made in the USA for fabulous flavor. 
This yoghurt tastes like no other, rich, creamy, full of flavor and satisfying.
This is my everyday snack- either for breakfast or as a quick meal after a workout.

There’s nothing better than coming in from a long day of shopping, working, or helping with family than delicious seafood. When I discovered Matlaw’s products, I was thrilled. Delicious new Matlaw's Stuffed Clams, called Stuffies, are the perfect holiday appetizer at just 100 calories each! They come in a variety of new flavor varieties too – Bacon & Cheese, Chorizo and their tried and true New England Style. 
And they’re so easy to prepare – simply heat them up in the oven, or on the grill. Enjoy with some drizzled lemon juice or basted butter or hot sauce for extra flavor.  

Each Stuffed Clam is elegantly served in their natural shell and are loaded with flavor -- a classic blend of golden breadcrumbs, succulent chopped clams, minced celery, red and green peppers; and sprinkled with paprika and parsley. 

They are packed with protein, iron, and are a good source of copper, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium and zinc, too.  
Kids love the mild taste of these too, even those with picky palates. And don’t forget the crunchy oven-browned shrimp! Flavors such as buffalo popcorn shrimp, southern country fried shrimp or jumbo butterfly shrimp, great seafood is always on the table. 
It’s dinner and a party in a pinch!

For a fine cooking and grilling experience, you must get the Salt Rox Cooking Plate. For tailgating, backyard cook-outs, and more, cooking your meat and vegetables on a Salt Rox Cooking Plate will bring out the flavor of your food like nothing you have ever tasted! 

Pink Himalayan Salt Cooking Plates from Salt Rox enhance and season your food, letting the natural flavor of food come alive! Cooking on this plate is amazing and makes a great presentation. Also perfect chilling and serving meats and cheeses, as the fine Himalayan pink salt imparts a unique freshness and flavor unlike regular table or even sea salt.

And don’t forgot the condiments! Whether you out in the lot tailgating or feeding a hungry crowd on New Years’ Day during football, serve up your finest with the flavors of Tessemae's Grill Pack. This selection includes Ketchup, Honey Mustard, Teriyaki Sauce, Mattys BBQ, Slow Roasted Garlic and Mild Wing Sauce. Incorporate these clean condiments with any of your "go to" recipes & be prepared to be the envy of the hungry everywhere! For salads, veggie trays, a perfect marinade and more – Tessemae’s products are natural, sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, and contain zero additives or preservatives. 
With more than 20 tantalizing condiments to choose from there is something for everyone, from ranch, soy ginger, honey mustard, cracked pepper, green goddess, teriyaki and so much more! The growing line of all-natural condiments includes dressings, marinades, and spreads. Available at Whole Foods, Safeway, Kroger, Fresh Market, Marianos, Gelsens and coming soon to Target and Wegmans nationwide!

Late night snacks should always be hummus! Try Applewood Smoked Hummus from Hummusphere Foods. Ditch the ranch dip and discover the mouthwatering, unforgettable hummus flavors from Hummusphere Foods! As the first and original smoked hummus on the market, Hummusphere Foods' five unique smoked hummus varieties add a distinct new element to any tailgating party or backyard event. Not only is the hummus a much more delicious option, it is a far healthier choice as well with nearly half the calories and a fraction of the fat. 
Delicious flavors include Jalapeno Black Bean, Fire Roasted Red Pepper, Classic Traditional, Black Bean Traditional, and Thai Coconut Curry. In addition, Hummusphere Foods' has just launched 5 new Hummus Dressings! Available at retail locations throughout the US, including select Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Safeway and coming soon to Kroger.

Quell a Queasy Tummy: Ice Chips
To soothe a queasy tummy naturally, ginger and peppermint are always a top choice in the expectant mom's arsenal of home remedies. When you are so nauseous even drinking tea is making you grimace, Ice Chips® offers a delicious, all-natural and sugar-free candy in both Ginger and Peppermint flavors that may help! Place a tin in your purse, backpack, or purse for refreshment and to quell the queasiest feeling.
These chips are fantastic, we can't stop eating them at home.Made with xylitol and safe for the expectant mom, recent studies have found a link between consuming Xylitol during pregnancy and stronger teeth in infants. Ice Chips® are available in 20 tantalizing flavors, such as Ginger, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Cinnamon, Strawberry Daiquiri, and more! Perfect for stocking stuffers.

Need a healthy and yummy stocking stuffer? Dark Chocolate Pistachios from Setton Farms are amazing. I gave these to my dad and he and I gobbled them up! Available in 5oz bags, Dark Chocolate Pistachios provide snackers with the heart healthy benefits of pistachios along with the amazing qualities of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate. Pistachios are chock full of potassium, protein, and fiber, making Dark Chocolate Pistachios an indulgence you can feel good about. 
Delicious, power-packed and portable, this sweet treat is a must-have item for your pantry, lunch box or office drawer. A serving of dark chocolate pistachios 2-3 times a week can help lower your blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. And dark chocolate can increase blood flow to the brain and heart, helping to improve cognitive function (hint, keep these in your work desk drawer!).

When you are seriously rushed off your feet and need great nutrition, the Perfect Bar is the way to go- made with all natural ingredients plus organic peanut butter, these yummy bars will carry you throughout your hardest tasks.

One last item to treat yourself: Scrumptious Brownies delivers bites of bliss wherever you live, work or play. 
Baked with real ingredients in their kitchen so you don’t have to. Enjoy your chocolate bliss!

* Some items have been provided for review purposes.
All photos are from the products' respective websites.

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