Sunday, December 6, 2015

Book Review: Wine Folly- The Essential Guide to Wine

Wine oh glorious wine! Sure, you love to drink it, but how well do you pair your food and wine? Do you know what certain years mean or what meats or seafood go best with whites or reds?

Authors Madeline Puckette and Justin Hammack, have already taken the web and wine world by storm with their award winning and addictive website, and their new book Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine

I'm drinking a citrusy, floral sauvignon blanc as I'm writing this, which makes it even better. The book lacks the typical wine snob factor and offers beautiful content and graphics that simplify everything from how to taste and pair wines, how to spot great quality in your wines, how to find wines you’ll love no matter what the occasion, and much more.

They bring you a guide that speaks plainly with humor, information, news, and wine! This book is a must have for any household- easy to match various cuisines to all kinds of wines, red, white, and rose, plus worldwide regions and history. 

In their debut book–a new bible for wine for the 21st century–you’ll find:
• Detailed taste profiles of popular and under-the-radar wines
• A wine-region section with detailed maps
• Quick tips on storing, tasting, and serving wine

Get this book for someone who loves wine or have it in your kitchen- a good read, informative, and fun, with excellent graphics and info you need to know on wine. 

Madeline Puckette is a certified sommelier with Court of Master Sommeliers, and has travelled extensively into the world’s wine regions. Her prior background in design inspires the content at, and her work has been used by Wines of France, The Court of Masters Sommeliers and the Guild of Sommeliers to help wine professionals learn. In 2013, Wine Folly was named Wine Blogger of the year by the International Wine & Spirits competition. 

Justin Hammack has a background in computer science and entrepreneurialism. He is the founding partner of Wine Folly who leads business strategy, internet technologies, and information modeling

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