Sunday, May 15, 2016

New Superfood Veggie Cakes from Garden Lites now Available

Garden Lites®, The Delicious Vegetable Company, is excited to announce the launch of  Garden Lites  Superfood Veggie Cakes, now available at Costco locations throughout the Northeast including  New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and Delaware. 
Veggie-rich & gluten-free foods now more convenient than ever!

Superfood Veggie Cakes represent a tremendous leap forward in snacking by combining heart-healthy veggies like carrots, kale, and red bell peppers in a tasty recipe that the whole family can enjoy.

Available in the refrigerated section, Garden Lites Superfood Veggie Cakes are delicious, vegetarian and only 100 calories! The first and main ingredient in every Garden Lites product is always a vegetable, and the Superfood Veggie Cakes are no exception, packed with seven delicious vegetable ingredients. Superfood Veggie Cakes are perfect for healthy snacking on-the-go, or also as a quick side dish at home to go along perfectly with any meal. It’s never been easier to eat seven vegetables at once.

“The need for healthy and quick-prep frozen food options has never been higher, especially with discriminating consumers looking for the healthiest labels and fastest options they can fit in to their hectic schedules” said Andy Reichgut, Senior Vice President of Garden Lites.

“We’ve created DELICIOUS foods that are also good for your body– every one of our products is veggie-based and features vegetables as the first ingredient. Why the focus on veggies?  Because the one message on health that has never changed is ‘eat your vegetables’ – and we know how to make veggies delightful," said Julie Gould, Brand Manager of Garden Lites.  “Garden Lites Superfood Veggie Cakes have come to Costco’s across the Northeast, making them a convenient and easy breakfast or lunchbox addition and a great snack for the whole family!”

For more information on Garden Lites products, and a full list of retailers, visit and be sure to “Like” on Facebook and Follow on Twitter! Garden Lites is a Classic Cooking, LLC brand based in Jamaica, Queens, NY that produces delicious vegetable snack foods. 

Since 2008, Garden Lites has raised the bar in healthy foods by delivering full flavor that’s also veggie rich. For more information on the brand and products, please or call (718) 439-0200.


Lynn H. said...

Hi Folks, Well, Costco has done it AGAIN ! They have DELETED this wonderful and delicious product from their inventory (in Virginia stores, possibly other?). What a shame ! Are the roasted veggie souffles comparable ? These are available in a small package at some area grocers, but I haven't seen the Superfood veggie cakes anywhere except Costco. Does the company plan to pack them in the smaller boxes since Costco has dropped them ?
Thanks for your response, if possible.

Engchik said...

Hi Lynn! They will be back! Just spoke to Garden Lites- they are shipping again soon! They are going to restock.They keep selling out. THX!