Monday, May 23, 2016

Snyder of Berlin Launches Reinvigorated “Cheesy-Fingers Good” Snack Line

Say Cheese!

Snyder of Berlin®, a snack company which produces chips, cheese snacks, popcorn, and more, is launching a new reinvigorated snack line.  These Snyder of Berlin “Cheesy Fingers Good” snacks are now featured in bright & bold packaging with eye popping product shots. 

The new packages convey a fun and lively element that is perfect for snack lovers of all ages. Snyder of Berlin Puff-n-Corn®, Cheese Curls and Pop Corn start popping onto shelves starting in March.

The “Fun for You” refreshed Cheese Snack line is made from a new cheese formula, and is the cheesiest ever, with 2 kinds of real cheese: Hearty cheddar and Tangy blue specially blended for intense deliciousness. These Snyder of Berlin reinvigorated snacks are now available in a variety of sizes. Now with “Facts up Front”, the new packaging design is bold, bright and features beauty shots of the irresistible snacks.

Snyder of Berlin Cheese Curls are baked with real cheese, which is a secret blend of two kinds of cheese for an extra-intense flavor; additionally they are Gluten free, with NO preservatives and 0 grams of Trans fat. Snyder of Berlin Cheese Curls are available in a variety of sizes, with the best-selling 6 oz. size retailing at $2.50.

Snyder of Berlin Cheese Puff-n-Corn® is bursting with cheesy-licious flavor, and is made with two specially blended types of real cheese, offering a more intensely satisfying flavor. Additionally, the product is Gluten free, with NO preservatives and 0 grams of Trans fat.

With a melt-in-your mouth quality due to the unique “hulless” quality, this snack is available in Original, Cheese and White Cheddar flavors. Snyder of Berlin Puff-n-Corn is available in a variety of sizes with the best-selling 6 oz. size retailing at $2.50.

Snyder of Berlin Cheese Pop Corn has extra “cheesiness” in every bite, and is also Gluten Free, made with wholesome whole grains, and has NO preservatives. This popcorn is bursting with real cheese flavor and crunch, and has only 80 calories per cup.  Snyder of Berlin Cheese popcorn comes in a variety of sizes with the best-selling 6 oz. size Cheese popcorn retailing at $2.19 and the 6 oz. size White Cheddar popcorn retailing at $2.50.

Snyder of Berlin snacks have been made in the Laurel Highlands since 1947, and as the tagline touts: “Small town pride is crafted in every bag of Snyder of Berlin”. The Barn image next to the Berlin logo reminds consumers of the bucolic countryside throughout the Berlin, PA area.  The products can be found in supermarkets, convenience, mass market, and club and specialty stores or purchased online at

“Our bright, bold packaging reflects the intense, new cheese formula in every bite of Snyder of Berlin cheese snacks,” says Jeff Leichleiter, Vice President and General Manager of Snyder of Berlin. “This is Fun for You done right!  Cheesy Fingers Good is what it’s all about!

 These are delicious- get some today!

About Snyder of Berlin®:
The Snyder family chip business began in 1920 in the home kitchen of Edward Snyder II and his wife, Eda, in a small town in Pennsylvania, using a recipe based on a snack that Edward had seen at a hotel in upstate New York.   As the popularity of their chips grew, they began to expand toward Pittsburgh. Potato buyers and farmers in the Laurel Highlands got together with the Snyder family and determined it made sense to build a self-sustaining chip factory amid their fields where the potatoes were being grown. 

Since opening that plant in 1947, 
Snyder of Berlin has been producing fresh and tasty snacks in the little farm town of Berlin, Pennsylvania.  The company has grown to include a variety of products beyond potato chips such as cheese snacks, popcorn and more. The Fresh taste and small town pride are crafted in every bag of Snyder of Berlin for the past 69 years,  for more information and to see the full line of Snyder of Berlin® products, visit  

About Pinnacle Foods Inc.:
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