Friday, May 13, 2016

Week in the Life of Engchik- Eating and Spending

Hello Monday!
Ahh goals and things, how about work hard at my jobs, eat more mindfully, go to the gym, enjoy the outdoors, see my family, and declutter! April was great in that we had a GREAT anniversary vacation in Williamsburg- so so amazing!

I just won an award for an event I worked on, Montco Happening’s BEST OUTDOOR EVENT ! So excited and honored! I have a night to receive our award coming up!

I’ve decided to continue my Engchik Eats series including the pantry challenge like the one I did a few weeks ago. It kept me accountable as well as really pointing out triggers in my eating to cut down on bad habits. I want to make it clear I am not doing this because I need to be thin or love myself more: I love myself a lot and when I look in the mirror, I see a rock star.

I am doing this because a lot of times anymore, I hurt after I eat. That’s why I’m doing this.
I would like to NOT HURT when I EAT. I’ve realized a few things that I do that contribute to that pain, so here goes round two. I spoke to a nutritionist friend over the weekend and am eating more mindfully, chewing my food completely and thoroughly, and cutting out a few things.  Steve and I celebrated out first wedding anniversary in the middle of April, in Williamsburg, VA, and some of the time I felt logy or sick to my stomach from all that we ate. Like, pizza is great, but three pieces will ruin my night. Someone suggests I may become lactose intolerant so I’m watching the dairy intake. Coconut milk and yogurt are pretty great.

If I don’t put a number next to it, it means I already had it or it came from my work stash or pantry. Again, this is mostly my expenditures, not as a married couple.

Here we go!

Monday, May 2
7:19am. Coffee on the ride in, fairly weak, since I had a half cup at 5:15 when I called in to More 101.1 FM this morning to do a wrap up of an event I did.
Eating a ½ of ham and cheese panini for breakfast, ate the other ½ from Wawa for dinner last night. And a shot of ACV.

9:18am. Hungry, green apple, water. $0.
10:23am. Starving. Want to eat my lunchtime chicken! Drank a glass of chocolate coconut water instead. Ahh cravings soothed. Im finding I get hungry w stress. $0.
11:12:am. Ate three buffalo boneless wings from last night’s dinner (cut off most of the breading) $0.
2:24pm. Protein bar instead of the greens I bought. I’ll have to eat them tomorrow! Water. $0.
4:09pm. Small lollipop (butterscotch)

5:45pm. While cleaning up the kitchen I decided to see what’s in the freezer that I could make for dinner. Steve had run to the bank, so it was up to me to get creative. From the freezer, I used Trader Joe’s mushroom medley, the last of the one bag of frozen shrimp, and some broccoli, making a stir fry. I put this over mushroom rice, and also made a few baked sweet potato fries (also from Trader Joe’s.) It was pretty tasty, and I made enough for lunch today. Steve came home later, and he had some rice and an organic burrito (thank God for the organic selection from Door to Door Organics!) $0.
9:00pm. Got my Goodie Girl cookies! Had some bit size cookies, read, and off to sleep as it is beginning to storm...ooh the pets don’t like the thunder! $0.
Tuesday, May 3.
6:25am. Coffee on the way in. Another rainy day! $0.
7:45am. Ham & Cheese croissant from Saint Peter’s Bakery from the weekend. Shot of ACV in water. $0.
10:03am. Hungry, ate a bit of peanut butter w my go pack of Goodie Girl cookies. Still drinking my coffee and water. $0.
12:58pm. Lunch! Leftovers from last night – Mushrooms, a couple shrimp, broccoli, rice. Water. Still sipping ACV in water. $0.
3:12pm. Glass of chocolate coconut milk. Feels decadent. $0.
5:15pm. Home. Hungry. Water and some white cheddar popcorn that was sent to me for a story. V tasty! $0.
6:45pm. Steve just got home and is hungry for Chinese food. We got soup, pad thai, and a dish for Steve. Since it was a rainy night (again) we both enjoyed our hot soup and relaxing, He’s been sick so it was a nice night in. We both ate a few bites of our dish, we probably could have split something, but in any case, we both have enough for lunch tomorrow. A couple bite size cookies. $28.

May 5.
8am. Coffee and a raspberry organic fig bar. Shot of ACV in water.
10am. Chocolate Coconut water. $0.
1:01pm. Lunch, leftover Thai, a couple bite size cookies. $0
8:38pm. Work day, filming a new series w a friend for our YouTube, got two episodes in. I got home, showered, and fell over onto bed. Steve brought me a Wawa sandwich, which I ate and passed out, probably didn’t even need to eat it. I slept fantastic tho. Panini- $3.50.

May 5
7:15am. Breakfast. Skipped the coffee this morning, just water and ACV. Bought a banana in the café, ate half (saved other half for tomorrow) in my oatmeal with walnuts, honey, cinnamon and coconut milk. Spent 50 cents. (and getting dressed this morning, my knickers were looser!)
 12:54pm. Lunch. Im ignoring my salad fixings in the fridge. I want food! Headed to the café and got four chicken boneless wings w no sauce, a medley of cucumbers and edamame, a slice of fried eggplant, and half a toasted chicken, spinach & cheese sandwich on excellent French bread. I ate a boneless wing. Spent $6.23.

I took two bites of the fried eggplant and my initial response is mmm fried food, even tho it tasted like old oil (but the nuggets never taste that way, they must be baked) and on my third bite, I began to feel nauseated and sick to my stomach. I quick gulped some water, and I was fine. And that fried bit went into the trash. How interesting that in just two weeks off deep fried foods is enough to turn my stomach?!

5:00pm. Dinner.  I microwaved a small stouufers lasgna, and had a sip of wine. For dessert, a couple bite size Goodie Girl cookies (the bag is decent-sized). I had a small glass of ACV and water. I’ve found that now that I take ACV, there’s no need for Zantac. I had zero issues form the red sauce or the cheese.
10:30. Bed!

May 6
7:45am. Coffee and oatmeal at work, and grabbed a burrito for lunch! No spend Friday! (I hope!) $0.
12:12pm: Lunch- salad from caf. Very tasty! $3.19.
5:00. I was running around tonight- and I got a hoagie from the corner deli. It was fantastic, and I had eaten every bite! It was all I had too, I went to two events later that night, and there were drinks and desserts, and all I ate was a strawberry. It totally works when I listen to my body, and really enjoy what I am eating, and don’t overeat! Spent $10.19.

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