Friday, December 23, 2016

Book Review: Shore House Slumming

Dana and Bella are about to embark on the summer o f a lifetime- stay warm this winter with thoughts of the beach with Carli Palmer's latest novel, Shore House Slumming

Q: What is the basis for this novel- what was the inspiration?
My inspiration for this book came to me while watching “Friday the 13th, believe it or not.  If you’ve ever seen it, the backdrop for the movie is a summer camp deep in the woods.  My imagination took over and I thought how freaked out I would be if I had to house-sit for someone in the middle of nowhere. I would be paranoid at all the things that would go wrong. That’s when Dana was born – a house-sitter with unpredictable and crazy things happening to her in strange surroundings.

Q: What are your favorite beaches?
Living on the east coast you get to experience at one time or another beach life. Out of all the beaches I’ve been to, so far I have to say that Myrtle Beach, SC is my favorite, because I’ve made some everlasting memories there with my family that I’ll never forget.

Q: What’s the best part about Dana and Bella- what do you hope they accomplish in this journey?
Dana’s mission is to get to Florida. So when she gets into all these unpredictable dilemmas she has to use her best judgment on what to do. The dilemmas in turn help her make better decisions once she settles in her new home.
Bella is just a go-with-the-flow character, and that’s what I like about her. She’s not like Dana where as Dana sees a disaster, Bella sees an adventure ready to be conquered.  My hope is that Dana gets to her destination and acquires some street smarts and Bella stays in touch with her and becomes her voice of reason.

Q: In your writing, what part do you look forward to the most?
Seeing the finished cover! I always have an idea of what I want it to look like in my head and seeing a designer take my idea and going with it gives me joy to no end. It’s a high to see the finished product.
I also look forward to the research. From the locations to the names of the characters, I research everything and learn so much on subjects that I wouldn’t think twice about if it wasn’t in my book.

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