Monday, April 24, 2017

New Wipes Eliminate Irritation

WaterPura™ Wipes: Born From a Mother’s Love
Keep your little one clean with new soft and strong alternative baby wipes

Does your tiny tot have sensitive skin? WaterPura™ founder and mommy, Emily Frazer, has developed the perfect solution with new all-natural, American-made baby wipes. Frazer started her quest for chemical-free wipes when her son, Archie, developed a diaper rash from the natural wipes she was already using. This forced her to ask the question all moms are thinking: Why can’t there be a baby wipe with just water and no chemicals? 

This was how WaterPura™ was born. On her search for something better, she created an alternative to baby wipes that are not only good for your bundle of joy’s skin, they have a stronger material which allows for a deeper clean.

 “Like most Moms I am constantly juggling. Work, home, kids – repeat. Finding WaterPura has given me one less thing to worry about because I know this simple product is the absolute best choice for my kids. To be able to safely use these wipes all over their little bodies AND clean up the yogurt on the stroller without worrying about a single chemical is pretty amazing.” - Annmarie K.

Check out these different reasons WaterPura™ is not only safe for baby, but the best choice:
·                Keep it Simple: Have you taken a closer look at what’s in the baby wipes you use? WaterPura™ stays natural with only two ingredients:99.9% water and 0.1% citrus extract. No fragrance or oils that will irritate the skin when wiping off your toddler’s little hands, feet, and face.
·                A Wipe You Can Trust: Derived from a mother’s love, WaterPura™ creator Emily Frazer trusts these alternative wipes on even her own son. 

If you trust WaterPura wipes for your baby, they can be purchased here

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