Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Adventure Club – Sweet Movie for Young Explorers

The Adventure Club is an independent movie now available on Demand.  The quaint story about three spunky kids who pursue adventures for fun. Ricky lives with his mother (Gabrielle Miller), and a new boyfriend (co-writer Robin Dunne). He’s got a happy home life, but he’s looking for some excitement.  

Over a family dinner, they reminisce about his grandfather, an archaeologist who sounds like he would have been friends with Indiana Jones. Ricky (played by Sam Ashe Arnold), wants to follow in his footsteps, so he starts looking around at his grandfather’s old things one night when he can’t sleep. 

Things have been a bit quiet for the Club, until Ricky comes across some mysterious artifacts from his grandfather. He’s eager to share it with his club members. Meanwhile his friends Sandy, Dalila Bela, and Bill  (Jakob Davies) are supportive, but skeptical.

Sons of Anarchy alum Kim Coates is the local pawn shop owner, Ozzie, who’s their mentor, and a source of arcane knowledge. He’s a trip as he works with the kids to help them in their quest. Billy Zane plays another key role, bringing his trademark charm and menace.

The pacing of the movie is a bit challenging. While it’s a nice throwback to the 80s movies like The Explorers (1985), kids today might find it too slow.  The writers Robin Dunne and Fred Ewanuick sprinkle in some charming old time goodies like the kids using walkie-talkies to communicate late at night. 

The special effects look predominantly practical and basic, but director Geoff Anderson and team work within the budget creatively. As the lead, Sam Ashe Arnold does a great job – he’s earnest, but can handle a heavy emotional scene. Ms. Bela is great with her deadpan delivery, and Jakob Davies harkens back to the hilarious Rupert Grint.

The writers Robin Dunne and Fred Ewanuick developed a sweet nostalgic story that is an antidote to the gadgets and screens that threaten to destroy childhood. This is a fun family movie perfect for the weekend or a rainy afternoon. No dumb phones allowed!

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By Staff Writer DL Cooney

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