Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Toast w Us! Celebrate and Support the Phoenixville Public Library

Hi ALL! Aren’t you excited spring is here? WE ARE!

We are so excited for these events because they support the Phoenixville Library. Lauren Coy, Development Director for the Library, is happy for the turnout the event is generating. Supporting the Library is beneficial to the community. 

Plus, it's Mother's Day- mom deserves a fabulous dinner out and a day to play!

Country Charm Furnishings is outfitting our VIP lounge, with Soltane offering complimentary delicious coffee drinks all day long. 

 Phoenixville and local area businesses- let's talk sponsorships. Get in front of  people with YOUR message. And remember, these events support the Phoenixville Public Library.

To round out the month of April, we are hosting a dinner with Molly Maguire’s Pub. 

Four delicious courses with specially paired beers and wines. A craft beer expert from Lagunitas Brewing will discuss the pairings, plus a delicious dessert martini to finish.


There will be an epic raffle as well- win a sit in with Preston and Steve Morning Show on WMMR, jewelry, candles, a ton of other fabulous prizes from BigMouth Inc!

You can win a King of Beers Drinking Hat, a Barbell Beer Glass, the Floating Flamingo Beverage Cooler, World's Largest Beer Glass (because you are just having one!) and emoji drink cozies- these fabulous items from Big Mouth Inc while showcasing your love of beer and supporting a great event that ultimately is for the Phoenixville Public Library. 

Thanks to Big Mouth for the donation of these amazing prizes!

At the WMMR studios with Steel Panther
Held in Molly Maguire's Fenix Room, this evening brings new meaning to Sunday Dinner. Plus music, raffles, swag and more! 

We can’t wait to toast YOU, our awesome attendee!

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