Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Book Review: The Creative Tarot by Jessa Crispin

THE CREATIVE TAROT just went on-sale, written by JESSA CRISPIN, author and editor/founder of and For the past ten years, Crispin has been studying the art of tarot and how it can be used to assist artists’ careers.

Love reading Tarot? Are you an artist? This book brings creative types to new ways to guide and understand their unique processes.

In her new book, Crispin shares how the tarot can be used to unlock creativity, overcome blocks, and express oneself freely. The New Yorker and the Los Angeles Times recently featured THE CREATIVE TAROT!

Written for novices and seasoned readers alike, The Creative Tarot is a unique guidebook that re-imagines tarot cards and the ways they can boost the creative process. Jessa Crispin guides you through the intuitive world of the tarot to get those creative juices flowing again. 

Tarot cards are approachable and endlessly helpful to overcoming creative blocks. Crispin offers spiritual readings of the cards, practical information for the uninspired artist, and a wealth of fascinating anecdotes about famous artists and how they found inspiration.
Additional praise includes:
ELLE: “Playfully reinvents the arcane, Renaissance-inspired cards.”

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY *STARRED* REVIEW: “Crispin presents a persuasive case for the tarot’s usefulness to writers and artists; her many insights into the creative life as well as her dazzlingly wide array of examples throughout make this a valuable reference for readers not remotely interested in the ‘psychic arts.’”

BOOKLIST: “Crispin offers richly metaphorical interpretations of each card…even readers with no interest in the tarot will be intrigued and delighted by Crispin’s ardently researched, spirited, creative, and inspiring elucidation.”

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