Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hello March! Bye February! New Goals and Accomplishments!

March Goals! Wow! How is it that it's March?

I did about half my goals for Feb. Steve and I went away for his birthday and stayed at the glorious Reeds in Stone Harbor,

I threw him a great surprise party for his birthday with all our friends and family, we spent lots of time with family and friends, celebrated my mom's 70th birthday, went out more, and hugged more.

I have blogged a good amount. The house is clean and organized, and I have about 5 Goodwill bags to drop off. I got to the gym more and cooked a bit more. Still went over budget!

March Goals!
  • Gym 2x a week.
  • Pay off CC.
  • Lunch in cafe just 3x a week.
  • Cook fresh meals 3x a week.
  • Play scrabble with Mimi.
  • Start bike riding again.
  • Concentrate on true friends and those who reach out as much as I do. 
  • Teach my social media boot camp class.
  • March Trip: Mutter Museum in Philly. 
What are your March goals?

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