Friday, February 10, 2017

Book Review Friday: Life Lessons from the Therapist's Couch

Looking for answers? Life can be tough when there’s self-doubt or problems that’s always return to the forefront of your mind. Therapy can be helpful to see life a little clearer, but it can be hard to take that first step.
Enter Lisa Ferentz.

Lisa Ferentz is a clinical social worker and psychotherapist who has been in private practice for over 30 years. She is the founder of The Ferentz Institute. 

An internationally known author, speaker, clinician and consultant, Ferentz participates in documentaries, webinars and podcasts related to trauma, self-care and wellbeing.

She is also the author of Treating Self-Destructive Behaviors in Trauma Survivors: A Clinician’s Guide and Letting Go of Self-Destructive Behaviors: A Workbook of Hope and Healing.

Her newest book Finding Your Ruby Slippers: Transformative Life Lessons From the Therapist’s Couch, focuses on behaviors that you can adapt to using the tools in this book- with a workbook-type style that can help the reader identify that they would like to work on personally. 

With more than 30 years of private practice and motivational speaking experience, psychotherapist Lisa Ferentz provides compassion and guidance for using the tools already at your disposal to overcome the issues, struggles and symptoms she’s been addressing in traditional therapy throughout her career.

Connect with Lisa Ferentz on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, at, and through her column for Psychology Today.

Finding Your Ruby Slippers: Transformative Life Lessons From the Therapist’s Couch has launched and can be found on Amazon, PESI’s website and wherever books are sold.

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