Saturday, February 11, 2017

Charlotte Thomas Salon Brightens Winter Hair

In the middle of winter, who doesn't want to refresh their look! I was contacted by Laura McCready at Charlotte Thomas Salon in Phoenixville ( 31 Main street) to come in and try out a service, and I was excited to see the new salon n the old bank building.

The salon is edgy and cool, with crystal chandeliers and the big open windows look out onto the street. 

Even though it was a bit snowy that day, inside it was warm and cozy. I have dark blonde hair, but I've been going with platinum highlights recently.

Once I got inside, Laura got me settled with a chilled glass of wine and we discussed hair options- i was open to anything, I said I'm good with a change. 

We decided on balayage, a gradual dyeing of the hair in a few shades of blonde. 

Laura painted on some of the dye along with bleach for a blended blonde look, and I relaxed with my wine while I sat under the rotating circular heat lamp.

When I was done baking, Laura trimmed my hair, and using Bumble & Bumble products, added some volume. 

before and after
She added in a slight fringe, and I was gorgeous! Sparkly and warm, with highlights of platinum, red, and caramel, and overall blonde- I loved it! 
Perfect for winter, and ready to take on the world!

See Laura at Charlotte Thomas Salon today! 

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