Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Guest Post: Have a Plan to Grow

Question: How do you grow if you are not aware that you want to grow, that you need to grow or have a plan to grow?

Answer: You don't, not efficiently or in the way that may be most beneficial to you. 
It's true that you may grow organically by your everyday experiences, interactions, successes and failures but what if I told you that you can target your growth and make it benefit you in ways that you never imagined.

This is where awareness comes in.  
Think about it, if you become aware of how you want to grow and take steps toward that growth, isn't it better than just hoping that what your life experiences will lead you to grow?  

Even then, you can't take control and direct the growth.  You may grow in an area that does not benefit you, which is a waste of your valuable time. 

So take control of your personal growth by taking a few minutes to become aware of how you want to grow.  Then think of the steps of what you need to do to get you to grow in that direction.  You will find that this awareness allows you to focus your energy and efforts toward a path of positive growth that is most beneficial to you.

As a Life Coach, I can help you focus on these areas of growth, clarify your goals and options, set you on a path of success and then keep you accountable to the actions that will get you where you want to be.

Feel free to contact Paul and stay tuned for other tips for a life of success

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