Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Hot Ruby Heats Up and Mixes Well with Others

Whether you're planning a romantic night out or staying home, cozy up with your date and a glass of Hot Ruby’s finest cider. Made with a delicious blend of cranberry and citrus, Bubbly Ruby will start the night off right!

I recieved this to review for a story, and my husband opened it and drank a glass right down on it's own- he's loves it! I decided to add some brandy to see how it would taste, and it was amazing! 

Hot Ruby is a versatile non-alcoholic cider that can create a wide variety of beverages using, rum, vodka, prosecco and more. Whatever you and your beau are craving, Hot Ruby is the perfect way to compliment this special day!

Make a Miss Ruby Mule- with equal parts Hot Ruby cider, Ginger Beer, 1 oz of vodka and a squeeze of lime.
I don't like things too sweet, so I brewed a cup of green tea and added an ounce of Hot Ruby, and was a perfect before-bed drink.

See why Hot Ruby will spark up your Valentine’s Day:
•   Versatile: Originally made to be consumed warm, Hot Ruby is a ready to drink beverage that can be served in countless ways to please all your guests, with or without added alcohol.
•   Perfect for ALL ages: Hot Ruby can be consumed by all ages and is a delicious non-alcoholic choice for children or others who do not drink alcohol.
•   Sensational taste: Made from cranberries, this cider delivers a sweet flavor that is paired with pineapple, citrus juices and a delightful mix of aromatic spices such as cinnamon and cloves.
•   Unique family recipe: Hot Ruby uses the same steps and ingredients as Ruby Faye did 45 years ago to ensure quality and taste.
•   All-natural: Contains no artificial dyes or preservatives.
Ignite the flame for you and your partner with Hot Ruby!

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