Thursday, October 23, 2008

Frugal day 23.

Frantically paging thru my entertainment books as i feeling the pinch and the coupons expire November 1, little over a week away. but i guess i don't need an extra sandwich at arby' fact, i'll cook my own food.

so many things i have and want to spend my money on but just reigning it in b/c my year-long renter...who ahs only been here two months- has decided she wants to move out. And so i am keeping her security deposit. if you break the lease, i get compensated for you screwing me. she thought she could just move out whenever she wanted to. Um no. should have said that before you signed the lease. Casa lecki is not a hotel. Brad keeps telling me not to be emotional- it’s just business. But wouldn’t YOU be pissed if ten months of rent just got yanked out from under you!?!? AND her deposit is only a hundred bucks!

So now i placed an ad on craigslist and someone did respond, but then he went another way. Maybe for the winter months I’ll just try to find one roomie b/c we are indoors more than usual.

I guess i don't need a pumpkin spice air diffuser, or a skirt from Marshalls. maybe I’ll just see how much it costs...i am running on very low on winter clothes. i have about two pairs of black pants- basically, I’ve gained so much weight that many of my winter clothes don't fit. if i just get serious about working out and healthy eating and lose my belly, I’ll be back in style!

i did however, give away a bunch of entertainment coupons- made my co-workers happy!

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