Monday, October 6, 2008

hmm, i guess i am not so frugal after all

i just checked my visa. i owe over $1000. it's like $1023. so i took a good long look at it. what the hay am i buying!?

every week, there's about $60 to wawa...for gas. i drive an suv, so there ya go.

there is far too spending at tarshaaay on there. archer farms espresso chip ice cream is my downfall, and at $3 a pint, i am going to try to make my own w low fat vanilla yogurt, choc chips and finely ground coffee.

i am canceling, too. i sure hope there is someone special out there for me, but at $70 every three months, he is gonn have to find me another way.

i am getting rid of netflix. btwn DVR and cable and the lieberry, i have enough to watch..and i really should be writing, not watching other ppl's creative efforts!

i def spend too much on groceries. i need to seriously eat everything in the house first. and since B turned me onto amelia's grocery outlet, i tend to buy a lot for cheep, but it's still a lot of food that i prob don't need right now.

i need to do one last BIG haul of stuff at the flea market and then shut up about it. but i have become a dumping ground for stuff from ppl, which is kind of cool- i either get some $$ or a goodwill reciept for their stuff! i also need to do a walk thru of my house and see what i can purge.

i will get rent from my renters today, but it won't even cover the whole visa bill. but at least it is something, for which i am thankful!

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