Thursday, October 9, 2008

I just deposited checks for articles and the Y. Yay happy! now i can (hopefully!) pay off my visa. next i shall tackle my line of credit!

i did go to a housewarming last night and i bought 3 bottles of wine for $32, 1 for the party and two others (Mondavi chardonnay and bogle sav/blanc) were on sale for 10-11 each and so i got them for me! Party was fun, sat under the campfire, and then onward home.

today- i had a busy morning and just ran out to the bank and then wendy's...i so am not being frugal, but i didn't pack a lunch, i ate all my leftovers. i have odd things in the fridge, like homemade applesauce and an egg soufflĂ© thing. and a hunk of raw broccoli, mushrooms, and strawberries…must eat them first!

Okay- just had a another huge meeting- so busy now! Whohoo!

Tonight- attempting to make Kung Pao chicken for B.

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