Thursday, October 2, 2008

Frugalness- day 1 !

I got this idea from One Frugal Girl’s website to only buy things on sale or with a coupon and never pay full price for anything for a month. My friend a friend of mine, that’s the only way he shops, but I am going t ]o try it.

Oct 1
8x10 picture frame- first thing I bought, before I decided to take on this challenge. From Michael’s and probably could have found a coupon online, or better yet, bought one at a flea market for a quarter or something.
$7.15 (tax incl)

50 oz bottle of vanilla flavoring- I got this for my cappuccinos to make at home. My old-old ex the evil H got my rents a cappuccino maker for Christmas out first year together..oh 1994? The thing still works perfectly and for pennies a cup, it’s much cheaper than spending $3.50 for a tall latte. I got this at Marshall’s, so it was already a bargain!
$6.35 (tax incl)

Free Chocolate Fondue Dessert from the Melting Pot- My friend Kathie and I hit this up last night- very yum! And i had a coupon from my BD for a free dessert- got the yin and yang chocolate (white and dark!!) fondue. BLISS!!!
Dinner was pricey, but saved $16.00. And so worth it. Also probably didn’t need to buy the none-dollar martini either.

Lemongrass and soap- After dinner K and I ran to Pier one around the corner. I love this store! I try not to frequent it too much anymore in the issue of saving money. I really wanted one of those reed diffusers but they were $12. I got some lemongrass soap (98 cents) and a small bottle of lemongrass shampoo ($1) b/c I seem to have an excess of conditioner and not enough shampoo. All from the faboo clearance section of course! Originally these items were for $5 each! So I saved about $8!
$2.15 (tax incl)

On the way home form my evening excursion I realized I forgot to stop at Petco and really needed kitty litter. (I cleaned out the box the day before..OMG yuck. Sorry GingerSpice!!) So I was on the phone with my frugal friend who said kitty litter was on sale at tar-shaaaay, so i swerved in before they closed and got two 20 pound jugs for $7 each (Saved about $4) and fancy feast cat for 10 cans for $5- a very big bargain b/c Genuardi’s sells these for 87 cents a can!!

Then I dropped the jig on the ground at home and some poured out…not cool. But I managed to scoop some back in.

So I guess I saved about $7. So I bought some espresso chip ice cream that I have been craving and that this target hadn’t stocked for WEEKS! So I was happy!

Saved about $30 if I had paid full price for everything!!! Go me!!!

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